As e-juice gains in popularity, it becomes clear that there are two very different camps in both the maker and the consumer population, and many people have a clear opinion. The question is bottle preference, and the choice is between glass and plastic.

The plastic used most often for e-juice bottles is LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene), a durable, flexible plastic that can be opaque, but is usually translucent for e-juice bottles. HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) is sometimes used, but customer resistance to its lack of flexibility is causing a decline in its use. The bottles have either snap-in dropper tips with caps or screw-on tips with blunt needles about 1″ long for precision filling of tanks.

Another plastic that is used infrequently is PET (PolyEthylene Terephthalate), which has the same clarity as glass, and is often colored for appearance. It is durable and lightweight, but rigid. Other than its weight, it functions very similarly to glass.

Glass is rigid, but easier to clean than LDPE. It is often offered in several eye-pleasing colors, and an eyedropper top is used for dispensing e-juice. Breakage is possible, but not as likely as some people seem to fear, particularly with the smaller carry bottles.

In comparing plastic with glass, there are three primary factors to consider.


The least expensive 0.5oz glass bottle with child resistant eyedropper closure that I could find was $0.72 per bottle. Larger quantities purchased, of course, reduce the unit cost considerably. The least expensive 0.5oz LDPE bottle that I could find with a dropper tip and child-resistant cap was $0.50 per bottle.

So LDPE is a clear winner here for the economical choice, but not by a wide margin. If vapers are buying in larger quantities and transferring to a carry bottle, a difference of 22 cents for a carry bottle isn’t much of a consideration.

On the other hand, for e-juice producers, that 22 cent difference plus the difference in shipping weight becomes a more serious drawback.

Curb Appeal

This advantage is clearly in favor of glass. Even vapers who prefer plastic bottles for other reasons admit that glass is much classier in appearance than LDPE.


Here, the advantage is clearly in favor of LDPE. The most convenient and spill-resistant method of dispensing e-juice is from an LDPE bottle fitted with a needle tip. Even the child-resistant dropper bottles are easy to use without problems.

Glass bottles can only dispense e-juice with eyedroppers, which are suboptimal because of dripping between bottle and tank. Another problem is that an eyedropper cannot reach the last few drops in a bottle.

The choice rests on individual preference – esthetics or convenience.