Having a credit card can be like crossing a rickety bridge. It can come in handy in an emergency, but you have to be careful and not make any drastic moves. Many people use their credit cards irresponsibly and suffer the repercussions. One of the most difficult things in life to deal with is a low credit card score. In order to help improve your credit score, you need to embark on the habits of those with high scores. Here are five habits of people with high credit scores.

1. They Pay Their Bills on Time

As a credit card holder, you are ensuring to lenders that they can loan you money and you will pay them back promptly. If you don’t follow through on the pre-agreed payment date, then you are giving creditors less of a reason to trust you. Not only will missing a payment (or payments) hurt your credit score, it will also likely result in higher monthly minimums for you to pay.

2. They Don’t Let Interest Accumulate

Credit cards can lead you into a trap where you aren’t required to pay off your entire balance at once, and if you’re in a financial bind, you might not do that. However, interest is like a silent alarm that goes off and can turn your credit card debt into a very overwhelming problem. Pay attention to what kind of interest rates you are dealing with for your credit cards and do not let your debts snowball because of high interest.

3. They Pay More Than the Minimum

Thanks to interest rates, the amount that you pay in total for your credit card is going to be more than you spent for the goods and services. However, you can help prevent interest accumulation from worsening by paying more than the monthly minimum. By doing so, you’ll be able to take more significant chunks out of your debt and increase your score in the process.

4. They Only Use Their Credit Cards When Necessary

Someone with a high credit score didn’t get that way by accident. They’ve had to exercise self-control in order to not be penalized for credit card misuse. This means realizing when a credit card is or isn’t necessary. Though you might desire a certain item very badly and have a credit card to purchase it with, you also need to realize that a credit card doesn’t let you purchase it for free. If you can live without it, go without it.

5. They Pay Attention to Their Credit Scores

People with high credit scores know that a good score is a key to things like purchasing a home or vehicle. Therefore, they make sure to stay atop of their finances, including their credit score. If you’re paying attention to your credit score regularly, you’ll be able to make wise financial decisions. If you’re making wise financial decisions, you’ll be rewarded with a high credit score.