Nearly 20 percent of all sales made in the retail industry take place during the holiday season, and this can be a serious financial strain for some families. One great way to compensate for the extra spending is to sell a few unnecessary items around your house for a quick influx of cash. Take a look at these household items that might be able to take the edge off of buying Christmas gifts this year.

1. Handmade Arts and Crafts
There are two great reasons to sell handmade crafts, art, furniture, and anything else around the house. One major benefit is that the seller does not have to worry about any copyright issues. As long as they personally made the design and it does not infringe on any other copyrights, then there will be no legal issues. The second reason to sell handmade goods is the fact that they are often one-of-a-kind and extremely appealing to anyone that is looking for unique products.

2. Gold Jewelry
Many families hold on to gold jewelry even when they no longer have an emotional attachment to these items, and this makes it another great option for a quick influx of cash. Gold is currently at an extremely high price per troy ounce, and this means that even outdated gold jewelry can be worth quite a bit. Most owners will want to have their jewelry assessed or appraised by a local jeweler before letting go of it so that they get its maximum value.

3. Physical Copies of Movies, Songs, and Software
Modern technology has made it easy for us to create a digital backup of practically any form of media or data that we have. This has become so popular that there is over 1024 petabytes of data currently saved on cloud servers. Before selling any of this software, it is important to first make a backup and then double-check that it can legally be resold or used by multiple people. Some software does have restrictions on the number of times that it can be installed on a new system.

4. Book Collections
Due to e-books and e-readers, physical copies of single books are no longer worth is much. Luckily, book collections and anthologies are still coveted by reading enthusiasts and collectors alike. Some of the variables that will increase the value of a book collection include their age, how good of a condition that they are in, and the current popularity of that particular author or genre.

5. Video Games and Consoles
While some buyers only want the latest and greatest electronics, there is a huge market for classic gaming equipment. Those that have a collection of games for a single console and a good group of accessories can often sell these as a bundle and further simplify this process. Some companies even offer a large amount of store credit to put toward newer games and consoles.