Whether you’re starting new construction or simply repairing existing concrete, it’s vital to hire the right professionals for the job. The best concrete companies can complete your project in a timely fashion, at an affordable cost, and with superior results. Following are six questions to ask a concrete company before finalizing your hiring decision.

1. Will I Be Getting A Warranty?

Reputable concrete companies are always willing to stand behind the work they perform. As such, they usually offer solid, written warranties as part of their standard job contracts. The duration of warranties for most concrete projects is one year. This keeps consumers covered in the event of unexpected damages or changes in the treated surfaces. Not only should you verify that such a guarantee exists, but you also want to read through the warranty’s terms and conditions in order to fully understand the protections it provides.

2. How Will You Deal With Inclement Weather?

Pouring concrete during times of inclement weather is risky business. This is why all concrete contractors should be prepared to deal with rainstorms and other unexpected events that might undermine the long-term integrity of these surfaces. Weather-related damages are usually covered by contractors. It is additionally important for project managers to be flexible during scheduling so that concrete can be poured at a time when the effects of the natural elements can be minimized.

3. How Long Will It Take For You To Complete The Work?

In addition to giving you an estimate of your overall job costs, your provider should be able to supply an estimate of the time for completion. Keep in mind that all contractors are reliant upon third-party suppliers. If these entities are unable to acquire the necessary materials in a timely fashion, they won’t be able to start or complete your project on time either. As such, it is also a good idea to learn more about the various supply companies that concrete contractors are working with as well.

4. When Will The Work Be Started?

Most concrete contractors have schedules that are booked solid for several weeks at a time. When contractors have immediate availability, it’s important to find out why. This might be a new business or one that’s had a recent cancellation. Certain times of year are also fairly slow for this type of work. A trustworthy business will always be forthcoming when addressing any concerns that you have about its schedule.

5. Do You Have Photos Of Your Past Projects?

Seasoned contractors should have plenty of photos of their past work. These images can usually be found right in the galleries on their professional websites. There are also times when new clients have the opportunity to check out past projects in-person. Assessing images and actual concrete surfaces is the best way to know more about the skill, artistry, and attention to detail that individual companies lend to their work.

6. What Can I Expect My Space To Look Like Once The Work Is Done?

Ask prospective providers whether or not they’re in the practice of cleaning up job sites before leaving. A prudent company will always haul all project waste materials away before leaving. It will also take extra care to avoid causing harm to any landscaped areas that are nearby. If there isn’t a written promise to provide post-project cleaning in a company’s standard work contract, then you should definitely ask about any clean-up and removal efforts that are included in the overall job cost.