Many people don’t want anything to do with politics, which is unfortunate, because it really is an important subject. With the political climate being more polarized and complex than ever before, it has never been more important to remain informed. If you still aren’t convinced, take into account these six reasons why you should be more politically informed.

1. A Clear Idea Of Who You’re Voting For

Political candidates are people, and thus they are often complex individuals with nuanced stances on issues. Even a party line candidate will have different life experiences and qualifications that might make them a good choice for office. Learn about the candidate so you can make an educated decision about the people who represent you.

2. A Clear Idea Of What You’re Voting For

You won’t only be voting for political candidates. You will also be directly voting on ballot initiatives. These issues do affect you, and so it is important to listen to both sides to determine whether voting for or against the policy is the best course of action.

3. Debate Effectively With Others

The more information you have, the more effectively you can debate with others. It is equally important to understand what you don’t know and admit to it. Even if you are unable to change their viewpoint, you will have at least learned from each other.

4. It Will Expand Your General Knowledge

Following politics will expand your general knowledge about the world around you. For example, you will gain a better understanding of our healthcare system and the options available to fix it. You will learn about current events and how history and cultures have shaped those events. Learning about the history of the Middle East and Islam, for example, will give you a better understanding of that region so you can support policies that will help bring the world together again.

5. It’s Entertaining

Politics can be full of entertaining drama. Campaigns can rise, falter and fall apart. Scandals of varying severity are relatively common in politics, which can be interesting and amusing to follow. It can be entertaining to read comments and opinion pieces online to see what other people think of new developments.

6. It Affects You

Political policies, no matter how seemingly far removed from your daily life, do affect you. This is true whether it is tax policy, environmental regulations or business laws. Even if a policy doesn’t affect you, it does affect someone. So think of the people around you as well.

While it can sometimes be disheartening, it is still important to remain informed and even active in politics. Knowing the facts can help you strive to make the world a better place for yourself and others.