Company events are important for a healthy business. They can give your employees a sense of belonging to the organization. They can also provide valuable training that can pay dividends in improved services and products. However, they can also be extremely expensive. According to Forbes, spending on company meetings and events has ballooned well past $600 billion a year.

However, not everything used for a company event has to be expensive. Custom t-shirts, for example, can be ordered for very modest prices. Below are seven great t-shirt ideas that can really enhance your next company event.

1. Make Your Team into a Team

One excellent choice is to order t-shirts for your company event designed to resemble baseball jerseys. This way, the fact you are all working together for the same goal is apparent. Incorporate actual sports like a soft ball game into your event to make it really fun. According to TIME, teamwork is one of the most important elements of a productive business.

2. Use Employees’ Names

However, the design you choose for your t-shirts doesn’t need to be identical across the board. Make sure each employee who will be visiting the event has a customized t-shirt. This should include that employee’s name clearly printed on the front, back or one of the arms of the shirt. This way, your employees will be made to feel that the company acknowledges them as individuals.

3. Add More Personalization

However, you do not have to stop there. You can allow employees to add more of their personality to their individual t-shirts. There are many different graphics that can be added to a custom printed t-shirt. You could, for example, ask employees what their favorite animal is and have that animal printed on the front of the shirt.

4. Color Coordinate by Department

You can also spot light the different departments in your company by ordering different colors. For example, accounting could be red, sales could be green and human resources could be blue.

5. Make It Playful

Company events shouldn’t always be dead serious. They should also be a time when employees bond together. The best way to bond is to have fun. Don’t be afraid to include some funny puns, inside jokes or cartoons that make light of your company’s brand in your t-shirt designs.

6. Mimic a Rock Tour Shirt

You also want to make sure the t-shirt for a company event can remain a fun memento that can be worn for years to come. One way to do that is to mimic the tour shirts sold at rock concerts. In place of all the venues for a tour, include employee names.

7. Include a Twist on Your Branding

If your company has a logo or mascot, try to implement them in your t-shirt design. However, add some fun twists to keep it interesting. For example, if your event is during the Christmas season, you could dress up your mascot like Santa Claus. There are many fun possibilities.