Do you enjoy searching for outstanding gifts for loved ones at this time of year? If you appreciate fine jewelry, you’ll want to add these seven popular wearable items to your shopping list!

One: A Claddagh Ring

These rings represent a traditional Irish symbol of undying friendship. Look for rings displaying two hands (friendship) clasping a heart (love) topped by a crown (loyalty). The gift of a claddagh ring often represents a “pre-engagement” gift enabling a suitor to assess whether or not a marriage proposal would find acceptance. It therefore conveys very deep affection!

Two: A Tennis Bracelet

You can find conventional lightweight, alluring simple gold or silver tennis bracelets, or slightly heavier contemporary varieties encompassing inline brilliant gems. Whether very plain or sporting diamonds, sapphires, amethysts, rubies, pearls, or more, these sexy bracelets often worn by athletes will delight the recipient!

Three: Stylish Cuff Links

Today, men sometimes wear bejeweled cuff links. These attractive items can lend an aura of understated eleganceto any wardrobe. To personalize your gift, consider giving monogrammed cufflinks engraved with the recipient’s initials.

Four: An Infinity Ring

This very popular ring style extends from eternity rings with jewel-encrusted bands to traditional “ouroboros” rings depicting serpents or sea monsters eating their own tails. Often a first year anniversary gift, the ring expresses eternal love.

Five: A Charm Pendant

Intricate metal decorative “charms” in a myriad of shapes and designs offer a flexible fashion accessory. Wear them on a chain as a pendant, or attach them to a “charm bracelet”. Some people collect specific types of charms, such as musical instruments, animals or letters.

Six: A Jade Bangle Bracelet

Highly prized in many parts of Asia for centuries, fine jade bangle bracelets today sometimes command a significant sum. You can tell the real item from cheap knockoffs because real jade will issue a distinctive ringing tone when lightly tapped against another solid object. In the U.S. collectors prize colored and dark green jade; most traditional Chinese buyers prefer white jade.

Seven: A High Quality Tie Pin

Sometimes called a “tie clip”, this male fashion accessory helps keep ties un-rumpled and close to a shirt. You can find some strikingly attractive gold or silver tie pins to accentuate a power wardrobe. Give a man in your life an engraved precious metal tie pin as a token of affection and esteem!

Great Investments

Today, high quality jewelry provides a satisfying, fun accessory which sometimes appreciates significantly in value over the years. Have fun selecting these investments for your friends and loves ones this holiday season!