Wondering what you need to keep your skin beautiful and supple? With so many products available it can be difficult to decipher what the best and most impactful product will be. To ease some confusion, here are the 8 must-have products you need to provide the best care for your skin.
Exfoliating plays an important role in keeping skin soft and clear by sloughing away dead skin cells. Without exfoliation, your dead skin will stick to the surface of your face, causing it to feel coarse. Also, dead skin contributes to clogged pores that lead to breakouts. You won’t need to exfoliate each day, about three times a week will do the trick. You can just a cleansing scrub.

Mild Cleanser
During the day our skin is exposed to many environmental pollutants and dirt, so you’ll want a gentle cleanser that clears your skin of impurities while not stripping it of its natural oil. If you’re prone to oily skin, you might insist on needing something harsher, but many harsh cleansers will make your skin overcompensate by producing even more oil.

Toners are recommended after cleansing, but you can also give your face a quick wipe or spritz of toner during the day if you feel like your face is becoming too oily. Toners are used to help close pores and restore the skin’s’ pH balance after cleansing, and work like an astringent. Avoid toners that are alcohol based, and look for water-based formulas or natural toners such as witch hazel, tea, or rose water.

Lip Balm
Your lips are skin too, and they’re even more vulnerable to dryness and chaffing. Do your lips a favor and keep a quality, (preferably organic), lip balm on hand to help maintain moisture.

Skin becomes more susceptible to wrinkles when it becomes dry and thirsty, to avoid premature aging, make sure you have a quality moisturizer to put on before bed and during the day as needed. Many moisturizers also contain other beneficial nutrients that aid in skin repair, such as vitamin E, vitamin C and other antioxidants.

Adequate protection from the sun’s UV rays is imperative to good skin care, so make sure you’re never without a good sunscreen, no matter what time of year. For day-to-day protection, you can use an SPF moisturizer, for but days you’ll be spending many hours in intense sun, it’s a better idea to get something with an SPF of at least 50.

Eye cream
The skin around our eyes is super delicate, and it is often an area where we experience undesirable puffiness and dark circles. To help with these eye-specific issues, an eye cream is an essential piece in your skincare regimen. If you battle with dark circles, then look for an eye cream that has a brightening effect, or uses ingredients such as citrus or licorice extracts. Make sure to be extra gentle applying cream around the eyes, taking care not to tug on your skin.

Face Mask
For days you want to give your skin a special treat, use a face mask. There are masks for every skin type and function, including deep moisturizing masks, masks for acne or oily skin, or masks made to draw out toxins.