For years, marijuana connoisseurs have processed its flowers to get the very essence of the plant’s active ingredients. The end result is called hashish, or hash, says If you are interested in making your own hash at home, the idea of using dangerous solvents may have deterred your project. The good news is that there is a safer method that only uses ice water and straining bags. It makes a superior cannabis product called bubble hash.

For home production, you can find bubble bag kits made for extracting herbal essences (including cannabis). If you do not want to do all the preliminary washing by hand, there are special washing machines designed to make a lot of product with less work.

The small machines can cost as much as a quality kitchen appliance. If you are working on a tight budget, you will still get great results with old-fashioned hand mixing. This method takes between a half-hour to an hour of stirring.

The whole idea behind producing bubble hash is to separate the potent part of the flower—called trichomes, explains By freezing and stirring the flowers, these tiny particles will break off into the water. They will not dissolve in the water, and must be strained through the different layers of bubble bags. To make your own stash of bubble hash:


You Will Need:

• An herbal washing machine
• Flowers from marijuana plants (or buds and trim)
• If you do not have a washing machine, use 2 clean 5- gallon buckets
• 5 nylon bubble bags in graduated mesh: from 25 microunits to 220 microunits
• A large wooden paddle to agitate ingredients (bucket method)
• Chemical-free ice (Reverse osmosis preferred)
• Distilled Water
• Large spatula

Step 1

Take the finest meshed bubble bag (25 microunits) and put bags inside of each other by order or mesh size—until you get to 220. Put your graduated bubble bags in the first 5-gallon bucket (as if you were lining a trash can).

Step 2

Prepare the cannabis mixture. When you want the finest grade of bubble hash, you should use the open flowers of the plant. It is acceptable to use buds and trimmings from the plant; however, the finished product will not be as superior. The process works faster if you finely chop your mixture. Fill another 220 bubble bag that will zip closed with your cannabis mixture.

Step 3

If you are using an herb washer, fill it halfway with ice, then add the mixture bag. Cover the bag completely with ice. Add cold water to fill up the machine. Do the same steps if you are using a 5-gallon bucket. The washing machine will do the work in 5-minute increments. When agitating by hand, stir the ice, water, and mixture bag for at least a half an hour.

Step 4

Your washing machine should have a pump that will transfer the infused water into your 5-gallon straining bucket. If you used a bucket for mixing, gently dump the mixture into your second straining bucket.

Step 5

Each of the five bubble bags will strain the infused mixture even finer. It will probably take about a half hour per each bag to completely filter. At the end of each bag, use a spray bottle to gently wash off the strained product. Do this with each bubble bag.

Step 6

Label five pieces of parchment paper from 1-5. This will be where each grade of the hash will dry.

Step 7

At the end of each bubble bag, rake up the hash from the bottom of the bag and place it on the parchment paper that corresponds with the bag number.

Step 8

Allow to dry for about three days. The first three grades of bubble hash will be great for oil and dabbing. The finer two grades are ideal for smoking in a joint or making your own hash butter.

Step 9

Separate grades and store in sealed glass jars. The longer your bubble hash cures, the more flavor nuances it will have.