As a teacher, you need to do everything possible to stay organized so that you can effectively teach students. Whether it’s writing on the chalkboard or making flash cards, there are several ways to make learning enjoyable while interacting with the class. A binder can be the teacher’s best friend if you know how to use it by following a few ideas.

Hanging Files
Place the binders on a shelf so that they appear to hang. Label each binder with a month of the year. Each important task and the lesson plans for each month can be kept in the binders.

Student Portfolio
Each student will have a binder to keep at the desk. When the year begins, the students can write a bit about their summer vacations and what they want to learn in school. As the year progresses, students can add pictures and information about what they learn.

Monthly Planning
If you teach different classes in the day, you can use a binder for each class to organize the names of the students, lesson plans and grades. Print off papers to put in the binder to help you stay better organized. Each binder that is used should be a different color so that you can reach it when needed.

Reading Material
When students have to take a test on a book that is read, you can grab what is needed by making a library of binders. On the outside of each binder, write the name of the book in a creative way or a way that matches the title on the cover of the book. Keep the binders on a bookcase in a corner of the room.

Puzzle Pieces
Boxes with puzzles can sometimes get destroyed over the course of the school year. Put clear pouches with zippers in binders to keep puzzles together. You can arrange the binders based on the number of pieces in each puzzle or the design.

Bulletin Boards
Changing the bulletin board in the classroom is something that is done usually once a month. Use a different binder to store the items that you want to put on the board so that everything is in one place. The borders can be put on the rings in the binder by hole punching one end with stickers and other items in a clear pouch with a zipper.

Keep a binder for each student to use for assessments during the year. Make a goal for the student that is placed on the outside of the binder.

Put binders in different colors with a variety of labels on a shelf in the room. Each binder would have strategies that are used for everything from addition to learning words.

Holidays And Events
From Christmas parties to field trips, you can keep all of the special events for the class separated in a binder. Keep a list of parents who have volunteered to help and templates of permission slips and items that are needed for each event.