Push-Up is an amazing way to work on your chest, shoulders and arms. It involves you lying face down on the ground being supported only by their hands and their toes. There are different types of push-Ups, and each focuses on certain parts of the body. The most effective push-ups are regular suspended push-ups on rings, incline push-ups and negative push-ups.

2.Pallof Press

Pallof press seems confusing but in the real sense it is very simple and beneficial. Although you may not be lifting heavy weights, the challenge is in resisting the rotation motion. This resistance enables you to engage your entire core.


The Squat is a whole body exercise that trains the muscles of the thighs, hips and buttocks. It is a vital exercise for increasing strength and size of the legs. However, squatting can cause back and knee problems due to the intensity of the exercise. You should, therefore, master it’s technique before putting it in your routine.


The pull-up is an upper body compounding pulling exercise that aims at strengthening the bicep and latissimus dorsi muscles as it involves pulling your weight up on a bar. It is a fulfilling exercise that requires time and patience to execute. There are different types of pull-ups ranging from negative pull-ups to band-assisted pull-ups.


This technique refers to a human body position where one leg is infront; the knee bends while one foot stands flat on the ground and the other leg is behind. The use of one leg at a time not only increases the time you have to work but also allows for better movement. There are various types of lunges, so If your intention is to build leg strength and lose body fat, a variation of lunges is a must.


Burpee is full body exercise used in strength training, and its movement gets done in four steps:
•Start in a standing position
•Then squat with your hands on the ground.
•Move your feet back while keeping your arms extended.
•Instanteneously, return your feet to the squat position.


Sprinting is usually ignored when it comes to strength training. However, high intensity sprints with short rest for conditioning could increase your potential for gaining strength. The reason being you are throwing your body forward which is a test of relative strength. By working on your sprint technique, you increase your awareness of how to move your body in space.


L-sits are a necessary move from gymnastics. You can do them from the ground or handles to develop core strength. It involves sitting down on the ground with your legs straightened and arms next to your thighs. You then push your arms up.

9.Muscle ups

Muscle up technique is one of the most coveted cross-fit exercises that requires a lot of strength and practice to master. It is a transitioning of your body from pull-up to dip in one fluid movement.

10.Handstand pushup

The handstand push-up also called the vertical push-up is an exercise where the body gets positioned in a handstand. To prepare the strength until you can gain balance, you place your body against a wall with the help of your partner. For you to do a perfect handstand pushup, you’ll need patience and a lot of practice.