The washing machines and dryers in your commercial laundromat are essential for business activities, customer satisfaction and profitability. Ideally, each of your appliances will be well-maintained so that your customers can use them as needed without hassle or concern. While some commercial laundromat owners will call an appliance repair company when their washing machines or dryers begin to show signs of a problem, there are considerable benefits associated with keeping your equipment in great shape with regular maintenance as well. Knowing when to maintain appliances with professional maintenance is critical, and you can make a better decision when you focus on these factors.

Depending on Usage of the Appliances
When determining how frequently to schedule maintenance for your laundromat equipment, consider how heavily your equipment is used. In a very busy laundromat, these machines may run five, ten or more loads of laundry each day for your customers. This heavy use may mean that your appliances would benefit from maintenance service every few months. In a laundromat that is less busy, appliances may only need to be serviced two or three times per year. Keep in mind that some washing machines and dryers in your facility may be used more frequently than others. For example, machines that are located close to a bench or other popular features may be used more frequently than those located in out-of-the-way locations in your laundromat.

The Age of Your Appliances
Another factor to consider when scheduling maintenance for your laundromat equipment relates to the age of the washing machines and dryers. Newer machines may be designed for heavier use, and their innovation may decrease the need for frequent maintenance services. Older machines may already have signs of wear and tear present, and this can increase the frequency needs for maintenance service. Typically, an appliance repair professional can inspect the appliances initially to determine if any repair issues are present that need to be remedied and to make recommendations for maintenance service that is needed within the immediate time frame. In addition, the specialist can also inform you about recommended service maintenance plans available that may be best for your specific appliances.

Laundromat owners know how critical their washing machines and appliances are to customer satisfaction as well as to profitability, and your business will benefit from properly maintaining your equipment. Determining when to maintain your equipment with professional service can be difficult, and many laundromat owners find it advantageous to request customized guidance and advice from an appliance repair technician who is experienced with commercial washing machines and dryers. Some will set up a regular maintenance plan for their appliance so that they do not have to remember to schedule service on their own.