When you want to move across the country to go to college, start a new job or retire, you may not have a lot of cash to pay for the relocation. However, there are inexpensive ways to relocate to a different location.

Budget Moving Tip 1: Rent a Truck 

Rather than hiring a moving company that has professional technicians who will pack and load your possessions, you can rent a truck. There are several moving companies that have rental trucks that are in a variety of sizes so that you can pack your possessions on your own. You can also attach a vehicle trailer to the truck so that you can transport your automobile while you are driving the rental truck.

Budget Moving Tip 2: Recruit Your Friends

If you have helpful friends and relatives, then you can have them help you with a move across the country. All of your relatives and friends can transport your furniture and possessions in their vans or trucks to your new home or apartment. This is a cheap way to move, but remember that you should return the favor to someone else when she is ready to move.

Budget Moving Tip 3: Use a Portable Container

Portable container services are available in some areas of the United States. A company will deliver a metal or plastic container to your home so that you can fill it with items. You can have the portable container stored at a warehouse, or you can have a moving truck deliver it to your new home. The reason that portable containers are less expensive is because the moving company will find several clients who are relocating to the same city, and the drivers will transport several containers in one trip.

Budget Moving Tip 4: Get Rid Of Your Stuff

Don’t waste your money transporting junk to a new location across the country. Most moving companies charge by the size of the truck and the weight of the load. In addition, if the movers are packing items, then you will pay for the cost of each container. You should sort through your possessions to get rid of the unneeded clothing, broken appliances and old electronics.

Budget Moving Tip 5: Ship Items With the Postal Service

You can pack cardboard boxes on your own to ship items through the mail with the postal service. If you have thrown away most of your possessions, especially larger items such as furniture, then shipping 10 or more small cardboard boxes on your own is more affordable than renting a truck or hiring a moving company. Contact your local post office to determine what you can mail and how much it will cost.