However, like anything else, a theme can be taken too far. If you adhere too strictly to the idea of a theme, you may pass on unique pieces you enjoy in favor of something that more closely fits the theme. You might include too much and make a space feel busy. Here are a few tips to help you when planning a theme.

1. Allow for variation

Many themes stick to either a texture or a color. However, if you allow for a bit of variation, you can create focal points within a space. For instance, if a room focuses on the more modern design and has a lot of black, grey, and white pieces, placing a bright red pillow on the couch adds a splash of color to the room and draws the eye. It can be a fun addition and even a conversation starter. On the other hand, including a bright purple elephant sculpture may be too far from the central theme.

2. Vary up texture and patterns.

Many themes focus on a single texture, while others thrive on a multitude of different styles. For example, Americana — it’s composed of a number of different styles that represent the blending of cultures in America. An easy way to mix up texture and patterns┬áis to use throw pillows. Put two pillows with one texture and two with another, and perhaps choose a different texture for the pillows than for the couch.

3. Create subspaces within a larger space.

In rooms like the living room or dining room, you can use rugs and furniture arrangement to create different spaces within your theme. At the same time, you can also subtly shift the theme of each section. The dining room table and chairs may be made up of elements that shift the theme slightly from the rest of the room. Rather than destroying the effect you wanted to create, it uses the shift in theme to differentiate that space from the surrounding room.

While it may seem overly complicated, making your home look the way you want it to doesn’t have to be difficult. Sticking to a theme can streamline the process, but while you’re decorating, make sure you don’t overdo it with the thematics and pass over something you may enjoy better. Don’t be afraid to vary things up a bit.